Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bob Roll's 1988 7-11 Team Serotta / Huffy For Sale

The following was posted on the Velocipede Salon forum classifieds today:

58 ctc x 57 Serotta made Huffy branded 7-11 team bike with full original Dura Ace 7 speed from (I think) 1988. This one has "BR" on the bottom bracket and was ridden by Bob Roll.

The pictures show the "before" condition, from the previous owner. I bought it a few years ago off of this forum. It looked great in the pics, but it had lots of small chips in the white that had been rattle can painted over, which really bugged me. I finally took it to a frame builder/painter that has done a few of my bikes (Cycle Classics in VA), and he smoothed out/resprayed/touched up the paint and the decals and then lightly cleared the entire bike. The transformation is amazing, its beautiful, but he still preserved the original look (including the "BR" on the BB, of course).

According to the P.O, all of the parts (except maybe the saddle) are original to the bike. It's full Dura Ace 7 speed with 7-11 team stickered Wolber tubie wheels, red painted Dura Ace Look style pedals, fluted Dura Ace seatpost, Cinelli bar and stem (new Cinelli tape). It still wears the original Wolber tubulars, but they are dried out and crackled. I have 3 of the inexpensive but correct tan sidewalled tubulars from Yellow Jersey that will come with the bike.

The frame has not been built since it came back from the painter. The frame is in great shape, no signs of crash and the tubing internals look great. The components are in very good condition, with minor scratches from what apppears to be only light use. The exception is the pedals, which are still smooth, but probably have several bikes worth of wear, and the brake levers, which are inexplicably scratched on the front. They're deeply engraved with "shimano" like the ones on Andy Hampsten's Giro winning 7-11 bike.

One last thing... these frames had cracking issues, at least at first. I had my framebuilder inspect this one carefully and there are no signs of cracking. I also wrote Serotta about my concerns and received a reply from Ben himself. He caution against riding any 20 year old steel bike because of rust, etc.; but said that Bobke's bikes were not the ultralight ones because he was a domestique and thus got the heavier ones intended to last a season, not a race.

Oh and the price - I'll sell it to a forumite for (almost) what I have in it...$1600 + actual shipping cost. It is disassembled now and I will ship it that way unless the buyer can pick up and wants it assembled. I can install the headset and BB, though. I also have a matching jersey that I'll sell to the buyer.

Bob Roll and the 7-11 Cycling Team are icons of American pro cycling history, and for a measly sixteen hundred bucks, you can own a piece of that history.

Notice the pro-only large Shimano logos on the brake levers, the bold WOLBER stickers on the rims, and the sexy little number tab under the top tube.

And think of what this bike could have seen! Certainly, it witnessed the epic suffering of the super domestique. Maybe even the glory of Andy's Giro win, or the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. But no doubt, it knows the awesome headbands and sunglasses of the late '80s peloton.

This price represents a premium over a contemporary Serotta with consumer versions of this equipment, maybe $500 or so. And you have to put this one together. But that bike wouldn't give me the chills like this one does.

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Tom said...

the history of the bike changed once you repainted it.