Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Pink Ofmega Mistral Rear Derailleur NOS

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Sold: $52.53 including shipping

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One of the many flavors of the Mistral derailleur. Disraeli Gears has a good overview of this model, and a few words on the history of the company.

Ofmega apparently grew out of the Magistroni company, a notion corroborated by Joel Metz at his awesome blackbirdsf site.

About the Mistral, Disraeligears says:

The Mistral has its enthusiastic fans - who claim it is made of a ‘hi-tech polymer’ - not ‘plastic’ (like a despised Simplex). It is a genuine, high quality, precision, cycling product, not a sex toy.

This particular Mistral has an adjustable cable outer stop, 52mm long parallelogram arms (note the large space between the adjustment screws) and weighs 195g. This is more than 20g more than my lightest Mistral. Perhaps the longer parallelogram arms give the capacity to take a bigger cog and to cover a freewheel with more cogs, but I have not been able to find any reference to an alternative spec.

The pink colour is fantastically cool in a Barbie kind of way, but is supposedly a homage to the Maglia Rosa (pink jersey) worn by the leader of the Giro D’Italia.

I usually think of bicycle parts as being designed in-house by the manufacturer, but the Mistral is an exception. It was created at least in part by the Giardino Design Studio in 1984.

Per his bio, Giardino worked for the legendary design houses of Giugiaro and Pininfarina before striking out on his own. His website features some other cool design projects as well, including plastic toe clips, a bottle cage, and these Telecabina per l'Expo 2000 di Hannover, pictured below.


toff said...

Another one I was watching. Thought about slapping this on the Mrs' bike, but it really didn't look "hot pink" enough to me...

mykel said...

Wow, This Pink Ofmega is gorgeous. I remember these in some of the first Bike Nashbar catalogs from the mid 80's. My first true entry racer was a TREK 460. I customized it with Ofmega and Superbe Pro, still have the bike, looking to get some NOS gear for it.