Thursday, October 30, 2008

Le Cycliste Magazines

Seller rhclassics recently sold a number of lots of the French magazine Le Cycliste.

Fair to good condition, great mags full of photos, Rebour drawings, publicity for Maxi-Car, René Herse, Idéale saddles, cyclotouring expeditions, etc.

The results of these sales can be seen here.

I was surprised by the relatively low selling prices of these magazines. Some went for just a couple of dollars each. I suppose the fact that they are in French puts off some buyers.

The magazine is best known for the masterful technical drawings of Daniel Rebour, as shown in the third photo.

Joel Metz has a page featuring beautiful, large scans of Rebour drawings and their translated captions from his collection of Le Cycliste here. Here's what he says about Rebour and Le Cycliste:

some years ago, when i picked up a copy of the data book, the english reprint of a japanese compilation of drawings from french cycling magazines circa 1890-1960, the rebour drawings therein immediately caught my eye, but it was tremendously frustrating only having the drawings, but no explanations! a little while back, i tracked down a good number of issues of the french cyclotouring magazine le cycliste, which published the originals of these drawings, and contained the french commentary on them - a gold mine!

Here is Bicycle Quarterly's page on Rebour, which details modifications to Eddy Merckx's Hour Record bike. BQ often features Rebour's illustrations.

Velo Retro has t-shirts featuring classic Rebour drawings, as well as The World of Daniel Rebour, a 220-page Japanese publication.

The Data Book that Joel mentioned is a good reference containing hundreds of Rebour's illustrations.

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