Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NOS Campagnolo Victory Leisure Rear Derailleur

Sold: $87.53 including shipping

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Campagnolo Victory rear derailleur. Long Gauge designed for triple chain set. Compatible with friction downtube shifters, 6/7/8-speed. NOS, made in Italy circa 1990.

The long-cage "Leisure"versions of Campagnolo's Victory and Triomphe groups first appeared in the catalog in 1986.

According to Frank Berto in his book The Dancing Chain, the design of these rear derailleurs was outdated, even at their release. Campy had tried the drop-parallelogram shape on the earlier Rally derailleur, but changed it back to a standard shape when fans complained it was "too Japanese." When designing these derailleurs, Campy also chose not take advantage of the lapsing of Suntour's patent on the slant parallelogram in 1984.

Still, or possibly because of all that, they are rare, and elegant.

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