Monday, October 27, 2008

RARE 1990 COLNAGO TEAM BUCKLER frameset ct56

Sold: Appx. $660 including shipping

Piece of history. On auction is this 1990 COLNAGO Team Buckler frameset.
Official team bike of champions Eric Vanderaerden, Peter Winnen and many more.
Team Buckler chef d'equipe: Jan Raas.

Columbus GARA tubing, seat tube ct=56 / top tube cc=54.5cm. Front fork spacing is 100mm, rear 128mm. Beautiful typical COLNAGO details. COLNAGO pads.
Original paintwork has some spots but overall good condition, no dents, no rust. Chrome fork near perfect. Comes with Hatta headset.

This auction ended the same week that '80s great and former Buckler team rider Eric Vanderaerden returned to competition.

Vanderaerden was a revelation when he first turned pro in 1983, winning the Tour prologue and holding the yellow jersey for two days. He was sort of the Tom Boonen of his era, and for a while at least, seemed to win everything in sight.

But back to this frame. Columbus Gara is a straight-guage tube set. Why did the builder choose this? To be extra stiff for a sprinter like Vanderaerden?

Or maybe it's a replica rather than a real team frame. It is a little odd that it doesn't have a number hanger.
Anyone have an opinion?


toff said...

I was watching this one. There have been a number of frames on ebay recently that have sported Buckler colours. These were produced by Colnago between 1990 and 1992. The pros raced on Masters, but I've also seen Supers. This one is a bit further down the food chain. similar to a C93, but a year or two earlier.

Still... nothing to be scoffed at. Period correct Buckler bikes were built up with Suntour Superbe Pro.

Sjoerd said...

Hi all.
I scored a real buckler colnago
here in the Netherlands.
It was equiped with superbe shifters.
De rest was made of spareparts
from other groupsets.
I bought it because it had a nice set of c record delta brakes and rear hub wich i could use to complete my spare parts group for my show bike.
Because the bike was equiped with spare parts from good groupsets the bike must have been from a elite or pro rider.
And build up as a trainingframe or bad weatherbike.
Iám almost ready with restauration of the original paintwork.
I decided to touch it up and leave all the decalls original.
Due to time and not finding a superbepro groupset I can not finish the project also its not realy my size.
I have 54cc and this frame is 61.
so the frame is for sale soon.
Or trade for a nice italian STEEL
frame in the size 54.
The frame comes with a nos stronglight bottombracket (the chris king from the 80's and 90's)
and threated headset.
for foto's ask me.

Paul Trepanier said...

I'm surprised to see GARA tubing used for a bike related to a racing team, if only for promotional purpose. It was an inexpensive plain gauge basic tubing, correct me if I'm wrong. Although Colnago did produce over the years entry-level frames with basic tubing such as Aelle that were very pleasant, if not light and sophisticated.
Bicycles Falardeau.

Mattias said...

I own this frame. It went to Sweden....

halides1 said...

Hi Everyone,

I am building up a Buckler frame I bought on eBay roughly a year ago. It had some cable rub, but it looked as if it had been lightly used. Could this have been a promotional bike? I am using all NOS Superbe Pro parts. The Hatta headset came with the frame.


halides1 said...


I would like to see photos of your frame.


Jeroen said...

I have a buckler colnago in my collection as well, waiting to be restored. Official master team frame coming from the team docter's attic.
And yes correct bikes have a full superbe pro set

Sergey said...

Hi, is enyone knows anything regarding Buckler track team? I have a track frame with buckler colors. No information at all in the internet unfortunately.