Friday, October 31, 2008

Razesa Custom Racing Bike w/ extra wheels

Sold: $397 Including Shipping.

My Snipe: $225-ish

Item Description:
You are bidding on: ONE (1) Razesa Custom Racing Bike with extra wheels
campagnolo dropouts
dura ace index shifting
dura ace hubs
dura ace front/rear de-railers
campagnolo fluted seat post
triple t stem
campagnolo headset
columbus tubing
royal grand compe 400 Sidepole brakes
Cinelli Front Fork
Razesa Frame
Look Quick Release Pedals
Setup as 12 Speed

Razesa is a Spanish manufacturer. This example probably dates from about 1986.

The company had close ties to Zeus, the best-known Spanish component manufacturer. While not equipped with Zeus parts, which are very collectible, this bike does have some interesting features, and the buyer got a good deal.

The finish is known as Cromovelato, a colored translucent lacquer applied over a fully-chromed frame. It appears to have held up fairly well. I like the yellow graphics against that blue.

What really got my attention was the white "Mavic" logo on the rims, a giveaway that this bike is equipped with Mavic SSC rims. These were the top of the line offering from Mavic in the '70s and early '80s, meant for cobbled races like Paris-Roubaix. Expensive in their day, these now go for high prices on eBay; an NOS grey pair sold for over $300 last week.

This thread on Serotta forums explains the finer points of the SSC rim's evolution, while Velo-Retro's mavic timeline tells us that the blue version was introduced in 1971, and the grey "Paris Roubaix" version in 1975. The page above is from the 1984/1985 Mavic catalog at the Bicycle Info Project site, and shows that the blue rim at 20mm is slightly narrower than the grey version.

Unfortunately, this pair shows brake wear, and there are condition and cleanliness issues with the bike overall. Still, given the SSC rims, extra wheels, and the Dura Ace and Campy components, this bike's selling price is well under its combined parts value.

I'm leery of bikes listed by eBay drop-off services. Bikes I've purchased have suffered due to poor packing and seller's lack of knowledge of how parts are meant to come apart. These problems aren't exclusive to drop-offs, but I encourage you to ask very detailed questions about how any bike you win from one of these places will be dismantled, packed and shipped.

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Jeremy said...

Good eye on the wheels. Someone got a deal - an even better one if they're a giant. How big is that frame?!?