Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Simplex Super LJ and SJA Derailleurs

SLJ 6600 Rear Derailleur

SJA 102 Front Derailleur

Sold to one buyer for a combined total of about $288 including shipping.

The rear is yet another re-labeling of the Simplex 6600, also seen under the Edco Competition label here, and branded Gipiemme in another recent auction.

Although not NOS like the Spidel, it's notable that the Gipiemme variant sold for just $54.50.

So, is the Spidel version really worth $182 more than the Gipiemme? It's more likely the buyer was willing to go so high because he wanted the complete set of front and rear.

Not to nit pick, but at these prices, it's worth noting that this is not really a matched set. While the rear is top-of-the-line, the front SJA model is not. The Super LJ occupied that spot in the lineup.

Chris at Velo Orange blogged about the Super LJ family here, calling it the best derailleur ever made. Chris' blog is worth exploring further, if you haven't already.

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seaneee said...

The prices of these are all over the place. I recently picked up an NOS/Boxed version of the Gipiemme ones, which included the front, rear and "coke spoon" retrofrictions for around $40.