Friday, October 24, 2008

vintage VITUS 979 campagnolo ladies frameset

Sold: $361.65 including shipping

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On auction is this rare red VITUS 979 ladies frameset in excellent condition. Made in France, estimated 1983. Lightweight Duralinox 979 tubing. Seat tube ct = 49 cm / top tube cc = 51 cm. Frame and fork are straight and in excellent condition. Front spacing is 100 mm, rear 130 mm. Included in this auction are a CAMPAGNOLO headset and CAMPAGNOLO bottom bracket.

There's something especially cool about mixte and ladies frames that are derived from racing bikes. I like the paradox they embody - skirt clearance AND performance.

In men's form, these are comfortable frames with noticeable bottom bracket flex. That doesn't mean they aren't good bikes; many people like the way they feel and ride, myself included. I wonder if the ride suffers on the ladies version.

Vitus went on to make 3-tube and 7-tube carbon versions of this frame. Were there ladies versions of those, or would the top tube transfer too much force to the middle of a carbon seat tube?

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Anonymous said...

I saw one of those during a trip I took to Milano. There are two things I "rubber neck" for: woman and bicycles. Right after I saw that Campagnolo Super Record equipped gem, it even had a Cinelli ciclotouring bar, I looked forward and my other best reason to rubber neck was walking on opposite direction. She smiled. I looked back ones and she was doing the same, I looked back again and she disappeared, only the bicycles remained locked to a parking meter. Via Bigny, Milano, May 1997. Fernando