Friday, November 28, 2008

Price Porn: " CAMPAGNOLO " double shifters "bronze" 1950's..!

Sold: $1,282 including shipping

Three bidders at $1,000 or higher. Likely won by: Snipe (winning bid within 5 seconds of auction end)

rare! 1st model, double shifters "bronze" 1950's! used, good condition!

An anonymous reader was kind enough to email me about these shifters.

Confessing my lack of knowledge about this era of Campagnolo production, the reader further wrote that these are early, but not the earliest version of the Campy shifter. Apparently there was a "twin band" version that predates these.

I looked at a couple of web resources and couldn't find an example of the twin band shifters, but still enjoyed visiting these great sites for photos and info on early Campag shifters:

Early Campy Shifter Gallery at Velostuff

Early Shifters at Hi Campy

Does anyone have any info about the elusive "twin band" shifters? Or maybe you saw an interesting auction and have something to say about it? Let us know! Email


Update 12/04: Jeremy posted links to photographs of twin band shifters in the comments to this post.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bruce Gordon Becomes an eBay Seller

Legendary framebuilder Bruce Gordon recently became a seller on eBay, under the name sonomastuff.

A look at his recently completed auctions shows he has listed a number of framebuilding parts as you might expect, as well as these lovely and rare stickers. I'm particularly drawn to that blue Columbus sticker - anyone know what that signifies?

Someone with Bruce's history in the cycling industry is bound to have collected some interesting stuff along the way, so you might want to add him to your favorite sellers.

The seat cluster detail shot below is from Bruce's astounding "Best Lugs" and "Best Road" NAHBS 2008 award-winning bike, found here on his site. More pictures of his work can be found in his gallery.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mavic Mektronic NEW Complete Set Original Vintage

Sold: $415.46 including shipping.

Likely won by: Manual Bid (winning bid more than 10 seconds before auction end)

Mavic Mektronic - Wireless Electronic Transmission Grouppo. New in original boxes, includes everything. All parts still sealed in original plastic wrap. Comes with all manuals, stickers, etc.

With Di2, Shimano's electronic shifting system on it's way, and with pricing rumored to be in the (correction) $4,800 range, maybe it's time to have a look at Mavic's Mektronic system.

My experience with Mektronic is limited to a brief parking lot spin, but there are numerous reviews of the system online. The general theme seems to match the thoughts of one Mark McM on RoadBikeReview forum:

That Mavic group was ahead of it's time. Great idea, poor execution. It was known for being tempermental and heavy. It was the last full group Mavic made, and has the been the example for Shimano and Campy of how not to make an electronic grouppo... Mektronic was of course Mavic's second electronic group. Their original Zap system probably lasted slightly longer than Mektronic - but that's not saying much, as both rapidly disappeared after their initial fanfare. Mektronic supposedly fixed the problems with the Zap system (and there were many), but it really only replaced a few of the original problems with new and different problems. And even after two rounds of at electronic shifting were put on the market, we never did figure out why it was needed or wanted in the first place.

This is in sharp contrast to the glowing reviews coming out about Di2, including one from Belgian Knee Warmers:

I’m going to cut to the chase: Di2 rocks. The shifting is simply the fastest I’ve ever experienced, faster, I dare say, than I would have imagined possible. While rear derailleur upshifts aren’t much faster than current Dura-Ace, the front derailleur upshifts are honestly smoother and faster than I thought possible, even when out-of-the-saddle and stomping the pedals in a Tom Boonen-goes-bye-bye effort. The automatic front derailleur trim function is another neat touch. Even if electronic shifting is an answer to an unasked question, a front derailleur that needs no trimming is something we have all fantasized about at some point.

Ok, so Mektronic isn't ready for Boonen, but it's still interesting and affordable, and has a very striking "high tech" appearance.

More discussion of Di2 at Velocipede Salon, including a link to a detailed review on Bike Radar.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stronglight bottom bracket OEM for old school DG

Sold: $44.95 including shipping

Likely won by: Snipe (winning bid within 10 seconds of auction end)

My snipe: $20-ish

Almost like new Stronglight Euro BB. I believe these came stock with the DG Super Pro and perhaps the Californian. Still can read all the logos on the plastic housing and aluminum outside washers.

Made in France. Bearings are sealed.

Q: What thread?
A: I have no idea. It came on a 1978 DG Super Pro. OK on the aluminum it says "Stronglight Competition France 37x24" Hope that helps.

I threw in a low-ball snipe, but someone really scored here even at the selling price. If it had been listed as a vintage track bottom bracket it might have sold for twice this amount, given the alloy cups, sealed bearings, and cool brand.

I occasionally see Edco headsets, nice single-ring Sugino cranksets, and other road or track parts that were cross-marketed listed among the BMX stuff, and I wonder why the fixed gear folks aren't bidding for them.

In case you're wondering, "Euro" is '80s BMX-speak for an english cotterless bottom bracket.

Monday, November 24, 2008

1/43 Norev Mavic Support Motorcycliste Tour de France

Sold: $45.84 including shipping

Likely won by: Manual Bid (multiple bids by winning bidder near auction end)

An Extremely Rare Norev 1/43 Mavic Support Rider and Passenger in Mint condition, Passenger is carrying the information Board. This is a super rare item

Seller coy99d1949 has listed quite a few Tour de France collectibles lately, and has a few more up for auction now.

Several went for less than this chalkboard moto duo, but I have a fantasy that one day ASO will let me hold the board, so I posted this one.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mystery Delta Calipers

Sold: $115.49 including shipping

This is an extremely cool set of road brake calipers from an unknown maker. Very similar to Campagnolo Delta calipers. Very clean and in excellent condition. Brand new Shimano 105 (M50/T) brake pads. I bought them used for a project bike that never got off the ground, so I never actually used them myself.

Bikieray has a page with photos of the best-known delta-type calipers, but that resource was no help with these mysterious brakes.

Anyone have any insight as to who made these?

The selling price reminds us that rare and valuable are two different things...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CINELLI vintage RARE model stem

Sold: $109.40 including shipping.

Italian made. Cinelli in 26.4/100. This is a very rare model. Not manufactured for long. Colored bits can be interchanged.

The best Cinelli timeline I've found on the web is here at 43Bikes. Mookie hasn't been posting on his blog lately, but the site is certainly a labor of love and worth exploring in great detail.

But this stem isn't included in his timeline. A few minutes on Google Images brought me to a Classic Rendezvous page which ID'd it as a Cinelli XR. Unfortunately, there is no detail about this stem other than that it was "short lived."

From all appearances, it looks like an XA and a 1R mated - the smooth appearance of the 1R, and the rubber insert split of the XA combined in one stem. While I haven't had much trouble with them, many people don't like the wedge clamping device in the 1R, so maybe this was a stop-gap design between the two models?

If I had to guess, I'd say that the XR probably dates from the late 1980s, since it's 26.4mm at the bar, a spec that Cinelli phased out by 1990. Does anyone have further information? Leave a comment and I'll update this post with it.

Update: Jeremy left a comment saying:

There are a few references in the CR archives (link here) to it appearing in ads from 1986. I think you're right that it was the transition model between the 1A and the XA, which came around in '88ish.

I wouldn't think a horizontal cut like that would stand up so well to the perpendicular twisting forces of a bar, but I'm not a mechanical engineer...though one has to wonder if anyone at Cinelli was either. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trend Report: High Flange Hubs - Campagnolo Record and Nuovo Tipo

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Large Flange Hubs British 36H: Sold at $337.85 including shipping.

My snipe: n/a

Listed is a set of Campagnolo Nuovo Record large flange hubs that are in excellent condition. These are for 120mm rear and for British threaded freewheel. The spoke holes are in beautiful condition. Skewers hardware has such pretty chrome. These 36H spoked hubs are about as pretty as one would find, short of NOS.

Vintage Campagnolo Hub Set- 120mm spacing for freewheel: Sold at $83 including shipping.

My snipe: $60-ish

This is a classic set of high flange Campy hubs. Known as Nuovo Tipo, they are meant for 120mm spacing, the rear is a freewheel compatible model, not for use with track cogs. As you can see there is some normal wear and spoke hole deformation. They have nice patina which I have chosen not to polish out, it would be a simple matter of a few minutes with a polishing wheel to get them to shine. The bearings are remarkably smooth. The threads on the axles are in good shape. The Hubset comes with the original Quick Releases. Unfortunately the Rear QR is missing a tiny circlip, which is why there is a twist-tie holing the lever in place. This should be easy to find at a hardware store. All four original springs are also included.

From what I've non-scientifically observed on rides and on the internet over the past couple of years, the popularity of high-flange hubs has been on the rise. Is it trickle-down from the track/fixed scene?

I think the selling price of these record hubs leaves the trend for multi-speed high flanges in no doubt. These were $100-125 parts, even with the correct flat-arm skewers, just a year or so ago.

The Tipo's surprised me as well. Introduced in 1967, these were a cheaper alternative to the range-topping Record model. Thinking the round holes would complement some drillium on an early '70s bike I'm building, I thought I was safe at $60-ish, especially since the QR cam body on the hub in the foreground is incorrect, but that was not the case.

It's worth remembering that Campy hub bodies are not anodized and easily take a polish. Sellers, polish your hubs, and buyers, don't be too dissuaded by dull aluminum, you might score a bargain. The seller of the Record hubs did a fine job presenting his, but does anyone have any other theories to explain the selling price?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Campagnolo #736 Saddle Alignment Tool - RARE

Sold: $417.50 including shipping

Campagnolo tool #736. RARE, saddle alignment tool.

The gorgeous photo-illustration above is from the 1974 Campagnolo catalog, available as a .pdf at here at The catalog text describes tool 736 as:

Alignment to maintain in position the saddle when replacing the seat pin and the pin

Couldn't have said it better myself.

The page with the illustration lists indicates that this tool was not included in even the full professional tool kit. These must be rare items; only the most PRO of mechanics would have needed one. I think I'll rig up something similar next time I need to replace "the seat pin and the pin."


Welcome Velocipede Salonistas! Have a look around.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Price Porn: 1952 TA Pedals, for Rene Herse, Alex Singer, NO RESERVE

Sold: $1,550 including shipping

TA Pedals

First generation, rare TA pedals. Good condition. I have to sell these pedals from my collection to finance Vintage Bicycle Press' new book project The Competition Bicycle - A Photographic History

Introduced in 1952, these pedals featured cartridge bearings (balls on outside, rollers on inside). Very expensive when new, few were sold in the short time they were available. Used by the best bikes from the most expensive French constructeurs, such as René Herse, see the cover of the book The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles

The auction had 3 bidders at $1,400 or above.

Speedplay's amazing Online Pedal Museum features these pedals (and about every other pedal you can imagine), saying:

TA Pedal (First Generation) 1949, France

First generation TA pedals are considered the "Holy Grail" of vintage pedals by seasoned collectors. These pedals are so rare that if you are lucky enough to find them you should be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for them. They feature a cartridge bearing on the outside, a needle bearing on the inside and can be greased through the dustcap. Both the body and cage are made of alloy. The first generation TA pedal can be identified by the four nuts used to attach the quill and no toe strap guide-pin on the the inside of the quill.

Joel Metz, unsurprisingly, has a great page about the TA pedals here, where he provides background on their evolution up to the present day. The last photo of a more recent model is from his page.

Velo Orange blogged about and used to carry the modern TA pedal, but apparently they are out of stock as of this post.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Interesting NOS Groups: Suntour Superbe Pro; Miche Leader; NIB Campagnolo Super Record

I'll let these speak for themselves. Click the links to see the auctions and more photos.

Complete Campagnolo Super Record vintage group set NIB: Sold at $2,412 including shipping.

collectors item ! very rare!
CAMPAGNOLO Super Record Group set
new in the box ! with 3ttt handlebar and stem (refined with a sewned up leather ribbon)

super-record crank set: length 170 mm chainrings 42/54
super-record brake calipers: 39-43 mm short reach
super-record levers (rubbers are smouth and softly. with "world" logo on the rubber hoods)
super-record bottom bracket with titan axle. length 114 mm Italian threadings 36 X 24
super-record head set with alloy cups: Italian threadings
super-record pedals with titan axles
super-record alloy pedal clips. clip size M (since the group set came without clips once i added a pair of my own, one time mounted on a show bike)
Alferdo Binda leather straps
super-record seat post diameter 27.2 mm
super-record front derailleur: brazed on version
super-record rear derailleur with titan bolts
super-record shifters: very rare special edition! refined and chrome plated by ICS (italcicli system)
record hub set: rare hig flange version! 32 spoke holes (Flange threading Ital. 35x24)
super-record alloy free-wheel: 13-14-15-16-17-18 (special light weight version!)
Regina Extra "Record" chain. (special light weight version with drilled holes!)
3ttt handlebar & stem: size 42 c-c / stem length 120mm
Campagnolo seat bolt

Vintage Miche leader gruppo, road, Italy, new, rare: Not sold at $415 including shipping.

Vintage MICHE LEADER gruppo, ( GROUP ); new in box, the box is a little deteriorated because time. This gruppo includes: crankset with BB, pedals with hardware, 36 holes hubs, front and rear, seat post and seat post bolt, headset. This is a beautiful white gruppo, rare.

Suntour Superbe Pro 7 Speed Groupo NEW & SUPER RARE: No bids at $1,200.

Here is an extremely rare and impossible to find Suntour Superbe Pro groupset in brand new condition. This set of componets have never been mounted or installed and there are no dents or scratch on the surfaces of the componets. Suntour Superbe Pro was one of the top of line bike componets during the 80s and they were favorited by many riders and even racers. Some would say that they are even more superior as compare to Shimano Dura Ace and equally in quality and precision as to Campagnolo Super Record and later C Record. Here are the parts that are included in the grouppo.

1. 1 inch threaded headset
2. Aero style brake levers & hidden spring road caliper brakes.
3. Downtube friction shifters
4. 27.2mm alloy seatpost
5. 28.6mm clamp-on front derailleur
6. English thread bottom bracket
7. 170mm 52/43 double crankset
8. Toe clip style pedals
8. Brand new Suntour Superbe chain in the box
9. Short cage rear derailleur
10. 7 speed 13/21 ratio freewheel
11. 100mm/126mm 32 hole low flange freewheel hubset with original skewers

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sold: $189.65 including shipping

Campagnolo Super Record brake levers with custom drillium, slotting, polishing and enamel. First item completed while here on duty in Afghanistan and now available. These are the perfect finishing touch for your drillium-equipped retro ride. Disclaimer: THESE ARE FOR SHOW ONLY! Item was shipped from Afghanistan to my wife in Oak Harbor, Washington and she is now in receipt of the item. The item will ship from my normal home address.

Several months ago, after offering a number of interesting hand-modified parts over a few months, this seller posted some drillium Campy shift levers. In the text of that auction he said that it would be his last for a while as he would soon be deployed to Afganistan.

I was happy to see him return to eBay with these brake levers. Earlier this week, the seller added a link in the auction to Campy Only, who has set up a page about the seller:

November 7, 2008--You never know where you'll find a Campy fan! Today's case in point: US Navy Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey Rumbold, currently stationed with the US Army in Afghanistan. Jeffrey took his Dremel tools with him and, in his off hours, engages in his hobby of recreating "drillium" parts from the 1980s. Here are photos of his work, which is often available on eBay. (Look for his seller id: colnagomanwa).

Pretty cool way to fill the down-time. I'm sure we all wish Jeffrey a safe return, and I look forward to seeing more of his work.

Campy Only says 1980s, but that's probably just a typo; the 1970s were the heyday for drillium parts. Jeremy Rauch posted about drillium here, and provides links to several very interesting period articles about these artfully-modified parts.

Chuck Schmidt has a page here detailing his 1975 Peter Johnson, and the Frank Spivey drillium parts on it. An extraordinary bike, well worth checking out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Modern Team Bikes For Sale

I'm a sucker for genuine team bikes. Modern or old, I dig them. They are both historical artifacts and useful tools, and they are often surprisingly affordable, at least compared to equivalent relics from other sports. Priced a Formula 1 car lately?

A couple of pro bikes have come up lately that I found interesting.

Linus Gerdemann won a stage and took the yellow jersey in the 2007 Tour de France, a clean highlight in a race otherwise tainted by the likes of Vinokourov and Rasmussen. One of his T-Mobile Giant Team frames from that season recently sold on eBay for $1,530 including shipping:

This is a used 2008 Giant TCR Advanced ISP Team Frame. Used by 2007 Tour De France Stage Winner Linus Gerdemann. Saddle height will go up to 77cm with the included shims. Steerer is cut to 20cm. So you can put about 5-10mm on spacing under your stem. Frame is in good condition. Some normal wear and tear on frame. Some small scratches, but this frame is fully functional and ready to be ridden. I would rate this frame an 8 out of 10. Also you can tell this was a team frame because of "die mannshaft" and "SRM" stickers on frame. No other teams used this decal. THIS IS A ONE OF KIND PURCHASE. OWN A PIECE OF THE 2007 TMOBILE TEAM.

With its long integrated seat mast and short steerer, the pool of buyers would likely be limited to the young and flexible, or those with a burning desire for a cool wall-hanger.

Another interesting pro-ridden bike has been for sale for four weeks but hasn't sold. Justin Spinelli advertised his podium-scoring KBS/Medifast Team LeMond on at $1,500 but has had no takers:

I'm selling my Team Issue Lemond Triomphe Carbon 55cm with Red/Rival and Bontrager X-Lite bits. 175mm RED cranks, everything else Rival including brakes. 40cm c-c bars, 130 -17 stem, white SLR saddle. Never crashed. This is a quality monocoque carbon frame... much nicer than your average, run of the mill import. This is the bike I rode to 2nd overall at the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic and to victory at the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Wheels not included. Many pics in the archives here:
$1,500 plus all shipping and paypal fees.

I'm surprised this hasn't sold. Justin has an impressive palmares; he's ridden the Giro and raced Worlds, twice (not to mention the Yarmouth Clam Festival - what a great name for a race!). I'd think even without the association with Justin the bike would go for something close to his asking price on eBay. Maybe the controversies surrounding of Mr. LeMond over the past few years have lowered the desirability of the bikes that bear his name, or perhaps green isn't the hip color this season?

As an aside, I agree with chatter I've heard lately that the last alloy Rival group will be collectible in the future, as the mainstream goes carbon; now's the time to buy. It's already happened with the last alloy Chorus group, which is getting pricier and harder to find.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Reserve Not Met at $101.01

A close friend has retired from the bike racing world and is selling his private jersey collection. All are in fine condition except one which has broken zipper. Most are from the European racing team circuit. There is no reserve price for this auction. 14 jerseys total count, sized 4 and 5. Of the fourteen jerseys, seven are wool and seven are nylon.


The terms of the auction have been revised to a reserve price stature of 275.00 or approximately $19.50 per jersey. The owner has specified that 4/5 and 5/5 are the European medium to large and that he wears a 42 jacket size.

Some really lovely and rare jerseys.

I'd guess the total value of these auctioned separately would be somewhere above $500. Too bad the seller didn't present them better. I think most people that buy vintage jerseys want to wear them, and therefore want specific measurements of what they are bidding on.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Price Porn: Colnago Pantographed 6 pin Crankset, 1980's, RARE, NR

Sold: $531 including shipping

Attention vintage Colnago collectors. Here is one of the great Colnago rarities. It is a six pin pantographed crank set in 170 mm length. These were made by Ambrosio. Gearing is 53x36!! Bolt circle diameter is 120 mm. Don't ask me where you will find extra rings! I bought these new in the early 1980's and they were used on a Colnago Super. These cranks will work fine with a Campagnolo bottom bracket or any other Campy taper bottom bracket with a 115 mm or so length. The condition is very good. The cranks could use a good polishing. The rings are in very good condition. Plenty of miles left. The paint in the engraving is decent condition but could be easily redone for your Colnago show bike.

The last photo is from flickr user GTS753, who is apparently lucky enough to own two of these cranks; his 42/52 version can be seen here.

Campy Oldy claims that only a couple were made but that seems unlikely. Still, they are indisputably rare, and given the desirability of any Colnago panto parts, maybe this isn't such a huge price. Better photos would likely have boosted the price and conveyed more about the condition.

I couldn't find evidence that Ambrosio made a non-Colnago version. Has anyone seen one?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1962 Cinelli Model B, Full Altenburger

Sold: $1,126.95 Including shipping

My snipe: n/a

Altenburger components were manufactured in Germany and are pretty rare in the states. The rear derailleur is probably the most interesting part. Like the Nivex of the late 1930's, rather than being suspended from the rear dropout, the parallelogram is horizontal, under the driveside chainstay.

This frame appears to have been specially made for this derailleur, based on those unusual dropouts. That would make this bike extremely rare.

The horizontal parallelogram concept re-emerged in 1993 with Suntour's S1. It didn't achieve much traction in the market.

Disraeli Gears has a good page on Altenburger here.