Friday, November 7, 2008

1972 COLNAGO SUPER 58 c-c, w/ Campagnolo Cinelli Regina

Reserve Not Met at $3,920

Another stunner from Ray Dobbins.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't they selling? Reserve too high for a recession? Too soon for a Dobbins style reno bike to hit the market? Bought for about $2800 not too long ago, he's put some nice goodies on-Martanos, Pirellis, etc. to sweeten the pot, but, it ain't bringing the bids right now.

Anonymous said...

Yet another unsold bike-signs of the times. Reserve too high, or no interest in this Dobbins redo? Bought not too long ago for about $2800, it's sweetend with Martanos and Pirellis, but no buyers.
Might need a bailout here.

Ray Dobbins said...

Sign of the times me thinks. I think I got it below market due to lousy photos by the seller, and plain good luck. I was offered substantially more than what I paid immediately after the auction. I think this bike, in its present improved condition, is worth at least $4.5K, but obviously the market disagrees, so I'm very happy to hang on to it until the market rebounds (i.e., indefinitely).