Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Nitto Fixie Bars

Available here.

Barrie Bloor points to these Nitto bars on the Brick Lane Bikes site. They say:

We saw these at InterBike in Las Vegas last month – and couldn’t help but bring them back with us. They’re a limited edition collaboration with EAI – who also make the nicest track sprockets we’ve ever seen. They’ve got a solid feel to them, a little extra weight and beautifully finished blunt ends.

I would love to see Nitto make a drop bar like this.

Bar plugs (except my beloved Velox) are a pain. Most people wrap bar tape from the end up to the stem these days, so there's no need for a plug to hold the tape in place. Ends like this would be a cleaner solution.

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Anonymous said...

Now if they only made some brake levers that are as beautiful because all of the ones that fit are ugly as sin!