Thursday, November 6, 2008

1962 Cinelli Model B, Full Altenburger

Sold: $1,126.95 Including shipping

My snipe: n/a

Altenburger components were manufactured in Germany and are pretty rare in the states. The rear derailleur is probably the most interesting part. Like the Nivex of the late 1930's, rather than being suspended from the rear dropout, the parallelogram is horizontal, under the driveside chainstay.

This frame appears to have been specially made for this derailleur, based on those unusual dropouts. That would make this bike extremely rare.

The horizontal parallelogram concept re-emerged in 1993 with Suntour's S1. It didn't achieve much traction in the market.

Disraeli Gears has a good page on Altenburger here.

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Anonymous said...

Very rare cycle, indeed. The apparent poor condition of the frame, as well as a lack of interest in Altenburger gearing resulted in a low sales price. Rarity doesn't always equate with high price-a strong demand is.