Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merckx Week: 1969 Masi Faema Colors Eddy Merckx Replica

Please pardon this shameless re-blogging...

Although I just saw it, Sexy Race Bikes wrote about this amazing bike last month, saying:

Alberto Masi built this frame with original left-overs from the back of the Vigorelli shop in 2008. Note the cut-out chain stays.

Noted! Click the pictures or see the original post for more and larger photos.

Where have we seen those chainstays before?


Anonymous said...

These chainstays are not that rare.
See the Masi Prestige Fiera on (This same bike was repainted and not sold twice on eBay)
For a much better example see John Waner's yellow Masi crono on Wooljersey-it doesn't get any better. take a look at the fork, too.
Alberto Masi still has the tools and models to make these chainstays.

velosniper said...

Here is the Wool Jersey page the poster above refers to: