Friday, December 12, 2008

Merckx Week: Eddy Merckx Corsa frame Campy C Record group Cobalto

Sold: $750 Buy-It-Now, Free Shipping.

The Frame Set is from around 1988-89. The Group is from around 1986-87. I'm the original owner of the complete bike. No denying it, this bicycle has been ridden hard, raced on training rides Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Overall I would rate the bicycle and equipment a 7 out of 10
Here are the particulars of the bicycle: * Eddy Merckx Corsa Frame set: Frame is 61 cm center to center of the seat tube. 62 cm center to top of seat tube. 59cm top tube center to center. I believe the Corsa is a blend of Columbus SL and SP tubing. there is no rifling in the seat tube so I know it is not SLX. (the Columbus sticker is missing) On the bottom brackets shell: non drive side stamped S 10 on the drive side B with 7468. * Fork tips, rear drop outs, and drive side chain stay are chrome. * Though this frame is missing paint here and there it's never been crashed or on dumped on the ground. The C Record groupo: * The groupo came of a Bianchi Mondela frame set that I had raced on in school. The frame, Bianchi, cracked at the bottom bracket, hence the Merckx. * The groupo has been in a fall. The only significant damage was to the brake levers. see photo. * The goupo is complete with front and rear derailleur, friction down tube shifters, C record headset and bottom bracket and crank set. 175mm in lenght. 53x39 chainrings. C record seatpost. * The Brakes are the rare COBALTO, complete with blue jewel, and blue etching on the brake arms. * The brake levers are first generation of areo levers/cable routing. (original brake hoods and top caps on both levers) * Wheel Set: C record hubs front and rear, 32 holed. DT spokes. Mavic MA 40 Rim on the front and a new MA 3 on the rear. (suntour superb freewheel 6 speed. must have purchased on sale...) Bar, Stem and Saddle: * Cinelli handle bar Criterium: 65/42. 42cm wide. * Cinelli stem: 1R areo model with internal wedge * Saddle: San Marcos Rolls, state of the art back in 87. What's missing: * tires and tubes. handlebar tape. * cables and housing. * the crank arm bolts are not original, replaced later during a overhaul. (should be able to purchase on ebay!) * I have the brake blocks and holders, for the front brake, the nuts and washers are missing, as is the cable adjuster. (youre local pro shop will have these) rear brake is complete. * Throw in extra: campy dust cap removal tool for the hubs.

This Buy-It-Now auction ended eleven minutes after it started. That's a strong indicator that this bike was under-priced.

I like the old-style downtube graphic and single color paint scheme on this bike, it has a very purposeful look. With a little effort and minor expense, the buyer will have an unusual, desirable Merckx worth maybe twice what this went for.

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