Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sidi Touring Road Bike Cycling Shoe Black Sz 36 New NIB

Available via Buy-It-Now: $54.98 including shipping

You are bidding on a Brand New Pair of Size 36 Sidi Touring Road Bike shoes. These road shoes are Black in color. This leather touring shoe is a lace up and can't be beat for the money.

Why doesn't Sidi (or somebody, please!) make a enthusiast's cycling shoe that's this good looking anymore?

More practical than the new Vans Fixed Gear shoe, and more civilized than an MTB shoe, you could put these on the rack at Barney's and sell a ton of them. Squint and they're Prada!

Meanwhile, does anyone have a foot shrinker?

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Wyatt F Huck said...

THANK YOU for the pictures of a real cycling shoe.

I wrote to SIDI about it, and they said that there is no demand for toe-clip style cycling shoes anymore, and if I care I'll just have to wear sneakers. I told them they are pissing away a large pile of money but they don't care. Toe clips are "obsolete" to them, despite that huge numbers of people still ride them, still buy them, and the new wave of fixed wheel bike riders are enjoying them so you can use a variety of shoes and not have to duck-walk into stores.