Friday, December 5, 2008

Vintage Cinelli Milano Leather Wrapped Handlebar Stem Almarc

Sold: $281.50 including shipping.

Cinelli Milano old logo handlebar and stem,Almarc leather wrapped from the 70`s

handlebar Mod.Campione del Mondo 42cm center-center with black Almarc leather

stem Cinelli Milano 1R 120 mm 1"

Campagnolo Super Record brake levers,brown hoods with world logo

handlebar and stem in good condition,leather with scratches,brake lever hoods porously

I've always really liked the whipstitch detail on these sets.

It's rare to see the Almarc sets in this larger size, with a 120mm stem and a 42cm bar.

The globe-logo lever hoods look to be in reasonable shape. The 1R stem bears the old logos and the pre-"flying C" black button; the bars have the matching-era crest logos. All these details are correct for a mid-'70s bike.

A strong price but this is a well-matched and desirable set.

These Almarc sets were originally sold without the lever bodies and hoods, just the studs onto which the levers mount. Later, in the early '80s, Cinelli sold leather-wrapped bar sets under their own "VIP" line in numerous colors and finishes. VIP sets included a matching saddle and tubular bag, according to 43 Bikes' Cinelli Timeline.


Anonymous said...

"Almarc" was named for two men, Aldo and Marco, both now dead. They could put the leather on, using two needles, in less than 20 minutes. There are only a handful of people now who can do this at all. The type of leather is very important and now also hard to get.
The price paid for this damaged piece is ridiculous. It is very hard to repair leather. Only few months ago a new Prestige set with saddle was sold for about $300.

Ray Dobbins said...

The stem and bar are scratch-free; the stitching is clean and intact; most of the leather seems to be there as well. Judicious use of a black Sharpie and careful application of black shoe polish would make the leather look much better than in the pics, suitable for for even the nicest of riders.

BTW, the Cinelli VIP set could also include matching leather gloves - of course that option is extremely rare.