Friday, October 31, 2008

Razesa Custom Racing Bike w/ extra wheels

Sold: $397 Including Shipping.

My Snipe: $225-ish

Item Description:
You are bidding on: ONE (1) Razesa Custom Racing Bike with extra wheels
campagnolo dropouts
dura ace index shifting
dura ace hubs
dura ace front/rear de-railers
campagnolo fluted seat post
triple t stem
campagnolo headset
columbus tubing
royal grand compe 400 Sidepole brakes
Cinelli Front Fork
Razesa Frame
Look Quick Release Pedals
Setup as 12 Speed

Razesa is a Spanish manufacturer. This example probably dates from about 1986.

The company had close ties to Zeus, the best-known Spanish component manufacturer. While not equipped with Zeus parts, which are very collectible, this bike does have some interesting features, and the buyer got a good deal.

The finish is known as Cromovelato, a colored translucent lacquer applied over a fully-chromed frame. It appears to have held up fairly well. I like the yellow graphics against that blue.

What really got my attention was the white "Mavic" logo on the rims, a giveaway that this bike is equipped with Mavic SSC rims. These were the top of the line offering from Mavic in the '70s and early '80s, meant for cobbled races like Paris-Roubaix. Expensive in their day, these now go for high prices on eBay; an NOS grey pair sold for over $300 last week.

This thread on Serotta forums explains the finer points of the SSC rim's evolution, while Velo-Retro's mavic timeline tells us that the blue version was introduced in 1971, and the grey "Paris Roubaix" version in 1975. The page above is from the 1984/1985 Mavic catalog at the Bicycle Info Project site, and shows that the blue rim at 20mm is slightly narrower than the grey version.

Unfortunately, this pair shows brake wear, and there are condition and cleanliness issues with the bike overall. Still, given the SSC rims, extra wheels, and the Dura Ace and Campy components, this bike's selling price is well under its combined parts value.

I'm leery of bikes listed by eBay drop-off services. Bikes I've purchased have suffered due to poor packing and seller's lack of knowledge of how parts are meant to come apart. These problems aren't exclusive to drop-offs, but I encourage you to ask very detailed questions about how any bike you win from one of these places will be dismantled, packed and shipped.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Le Cycliste Magazines

Seller rhclassics recently sold a number of lots of the French magazine Le Cycliste.

Fair to good condition, great mags full of photos, Rebour drawings, publicity for Maxi-Car, René Herse, Idéale saddles, cyclotouring expeditions, etc.

The results of these sales can be seen here.

I was surprised by the relatively low selling prices of these magazines. Some went for just a couple of dollars each. I suppose the fact that they are in French puts off some buyers.

The magazine is best known for the masterful technical drawings of Daniel Rebour, as shown in the third photo.

Joel Metz has a page featuring beautiful, large scans of Rebour drawings and their translated captions from his collection of Le Cycliste here. Here's what he says about Rebour and Le Cycliste:

some years ago, when i picked up a copy of the data book, the english reprint of a japanese compilation of drawings from french cycling magazines circa 1890-1960, the rebour drawings therein immediately caught my eye, but it was tremendously frustrating only having the drawings, but no explanations! a little while back, i tracked down a good number of issues of the french cyclotouring magazine le cycliste, which published the originals of these drawings, and contained the french commentary on them - a gold mine!

Here is Bicycle Quarterly's page on Rebour, which details modifications to Eddy Merckx's Hour Record bike. BQ often features Rebour's illustrations.

Velo Retro has t-shirts featuring classic Rebour drawings, as well as The World of Daniel Rebour, a 220-page Japanese publication.

The Data Book that Joel mentioned is a good reference containing hundreds of Rebour's illustrations.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sold: $12.45 plus unknown shipping.

23 x 15 cm - 24 pages. En très bon état - Plat arrière un peu frotté (In very good condition - Rear cover a little frayed)

Although the seller doesn't mention it, this program is from the last 6-Day race ever run at the Velodrome D'Hiver (Winter Velodrome) in Paris, November 1958.

Second photo shows Anquetil, Derrigade and Coppi were among the combatants. According to Wikipedia, multiple world champion Roger Riviere also raced the event.

The Wiki article shows the Vel' d'Hiv' had a pretty wild and sad history. It served as everything from muse to Hemingway, detention center during the Nazi occupation of Paris, to performance space for Salvador Dali.

The velodrome was destroyed by fire in 1959.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NOS Campagnolo Victory Leisure Rear Derailleur

Sold: $87.53 including shipping

My snipe: n/a


Campagnolo Victory rear derailleur. Long Gauge designed for triple chain set. Compatible with friction downtube shifters, 6/7/8-speed. NOS, made in Italy circa 1990.

The long-cage "Leisure"versions of Campagnolo's Victory and Triomphe groups first appeared in the catalog in 1986.

According to Frank Berto in his book The Dancing Chain, the design of these rear derailleurs was outdated, even at their release. Campy had tried the drop-parallelogram shape on the earlier Rally derailleur, but changed it back to a standard shape when fans complained it was "too Japanese." When designing these derailleurs, Campy also chose not take advantage of the lapsing of Suntour's patent on the slant parallelogram in 1984.

Still, or possibly because of all that, they are rare, and elegant.

Monday, October 27, 2008

RARE 1990 COLNAGO TEAM BUCKLER frameset ct56

Sold: Appx. $660 including shipping

Piece of history. On auction is this 1990 COLNAGO Team Buckler frameset.
Official team bike of champions Eric Vanderaerden, Peter Winnen and many more.
Team Buckler chef d'equipe: Jan Raas.

Columbus GARA tubing, seat tube ct=56 / top tube cc=54.5cm. Front fork spacing is 100mm, rear 128mm. Beautiful typical COLNAGO details. COLNAGO pads.
Original paintwork has some spots but overall good condition, no dents, no rust. Chrome fork near perfect. Comes with Hatta headset.

This auction ended the same week that '80s great and former Buckler team rider Eric Vanderaerden returned to competition.

Vanderaerden was a revelation when he first turned pro in 1983, winning the Tour prologue and holding the yellow jersey for two days. He was sort of the Tom Boonen of his era, and for a while at least, seemed to win everything in sight.

But back to this frame. Columbus Gara is a straight-guage tube set. Why did the builder choose this? To be extra stiff for a sprinter like Vanderaerden?

Or maybe it's a replica rather than a real team frame. It is a little odd that it doesn't have a number hanger.
Anyone have an opinion?

Friday, October 24, 2008

vintage VITUS 979 campagnolo ladies frameset

Sold: $361.65 including shipping

My Snipe: n/a

On auction is this rare red VITUS 979 ladies frameset in excellent condition. Made in France, estimated 1983. Lightweight Duralinox 979 tubing. Seat tube ct = 49 cm / top tube cc = 51 cm. Frame and fork are straight and in excellent condition. Front spacing is 100 mm, rear 130 mm. Included in this auction are a CAMPAGNOLO headset and CAMPAGNOLO bottom bracket.

There's something especially cool about mixte and ladies frames that are derived from racing bikes. I like the paradox they embody - skirt clearance AND performance.

In men's form, these are comfortable frames with noticeable bottom bracket flex. That doesn't mean they aren't good bikes; many people like the way they feel and ride, myself included. I wonder if the ride suffers on the ladies version.

Vitus went on to make 3-tube and 7-tube carbon versions of this frame. Were there ladies versions of those, or would the top tube transfer too much force to the middle of a carbon seat tube?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

UNIVERSAL Super 68 Brakes New in box

Sold: $146.50 Buy-It-Now including shipping.

Brand New Complete Super 68 Brakeset. Auction includes brake calipers, cables and hooded levers. Circa 1960s or 70s.

The box art is a favorite. Look up the road behind the speeding world champion, and you'll see one rider has taco'd a wheel and hit the deck, while another dejectedly walks his bike downhill, shoulders slumped in failure. If only they had chosen Universal brakes like the champ!

These are fine brakes for their era and were fitted to many top quality bikes.

Seller joeeramone, who also offered the pink Ofmega Mistral discussed earlier, seems to specialize in NOS or NIB items like this.

The detail box shot above is from the flickr stream of grubb1937.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Pink Ofmega Mistral Rear Derailleur NOS

Willkommene Leser! Genießen Sie bitte.


Sold: $52.53 including shipping

My Snipe: n/a

One of the many flavors of the Mistral derailleur. Disraeli Gears has a good overview of this model, and a few words on the history of the company.

Ofmega apparently grew out of the Magistroni company, a notion corroborated by Joel Metz at his awesome blackbirdsf site.

About the Mistral, Disraeligears says:

The Mistral has its enthusiastic fans - who claim it is made of a ‘hi-tech polymer’ - not ‘plastic’ (like a despised Simplex). It is a genuine, high quality, precision, cycling product, not a sex toy.

This particular Mistral has an adjustable cable outer stop, 52mm long parallelogram arms (note the large space between the adjustment screws) and weighs 195g. This is more than 20g more than my lightest Mistral. Perhaps the longer parallelogram arms give the capacity to take a bigger cog and to cover a freewheel with more cogs, but I have not been able to find any reference to an alternative spec.

The pink colour is fantastically cool in a Barbie kind of way, but is supposedly a homage to the Maglia Rosa (pink jersey) worn by the leader of the Giro D’Italia.

I usually think of bicycle parts as being designed in-house by the manufacturer, but the Mistral is an exception. It was created at least in part by the Giardino Design Studio in 1984.

Per his bio, Giardino worked for the legendary design houses of Giugiaro and Pininfarina before striking out on his own. His website features some other cool design projects as well, including plastic toe clips, a bottle cage, and these Telecabina per l'Expo 2000 di Hannover, pictured below.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aldo Ross - Pic of the Day Gallery on

Riders jostle to sign the "controle" in Epinal, midpoint of the fourth stage, from Metz to Belfort, during the 1935 Tour de France. A variety of tubular-wearing styles are visible: figure-8, twisted, knotted, double tubulars, etc.

Wearing spare tubulars around the shoulders helped speed tire changes, and made it easier to pass used tubulars to a moving team car, or receive new tubulars from the car or other riders.

From "Le Miroir des Sports" No.833, 9 July 1935.

Nice form from Charles Pelissier at speed. Charles would win stages 2 and 12 of the Tour de France that year.

From "Miroir des Sports" No.840, 25 July 1935.

Paris-Nice, 1936, stage 3 from St.Etienne to Avignon. Only nine kilometers into the stage, and Le Grevès is already leading this beautifully-aligned escape group ahead of the main peloton.

From "Match l'Intran" N.506, 24 March 1936.

A few years ago, Classic Rendezvous listmember Aldo Ross began scanning images from his collection of vintage cycling magazines and posting them on Wooljersey, usually followed by a brief announcement on CR.

Dating mostly from the pre-war period, these images recall the style, suffering and beauty of this era of the sport.

Aldo added value to his project by interpreting the photos for the modern viewer, as in the small lesson on tubular carrying methods in the first photo above, or by simply translating and transcribing the accompanying magazine captions.

Although he stopped posting new images some time ago, you can see and read about all 562 images in Aldo's Pic of the Day album here.

Wooljersey is a photo hosting site and gallery run by Morgan Fletcher. Morgan does a great service for the vintage bike community with his site, and new images are posted every day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Most Ironic Jersey Ever?

Want to be really unpopular as you stand among the crowd at the Tour this year?

Just wear this.

NOS NIB Sedis Peugeot Chain 70`s

Sold: $63.50 including shipping

My Snipe: n/a

You are bidding for a New Sedis Peugeot chain 1/2" x 3/32" 114 in orginale box. This equipment adorned the bikes of more early and mid 70`s Giro, Tour and Vuelta winners than the other marques combined.As is typical of the high end "modern"gear of the era.It is new, has never been mounted, and with no shelf wear, is perfect in every way.This is a great addition to your vintage retro bicycle.

More pretty packaging...

This chain is a "roller-bushing" type, which Sedis themselves rendered old-fashioned with the superior "bushingless" Sedisport Delta in the late 1970s.

Seller ora65 is a consistent provider of quality vintage parts. He is based in Germany, so shipping costs to the U.S. can be high, but this is usually reflected in slightly below-market prices.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early 1980s Eddy Merckx Professional with 2008 SRAM Force Group at Renaissance Bicycles

Sold: Final price unknown; listed on eBay in September 2008 at $2,650 Buy-It-Now.

I'm new to blogging. One of my experiments has been the Google ads on the right side of the page. I was worried about what might pop up there, but it's been interesting to see appropriate ads from vendors I know, like Lickbike or Competitive Cyclist.

One of the advertisers that I hadn't seen before is Renaissance Bicycles. You can read their philosophy page here, but basically, they take classic steel frames, refinish them, and build them up with current component groups and wheelsets.

I like that Renaissance isn't trying to make these bikes something they are not. There are no carbon fork "upgrades" or modernized paint jobs, only the minimum modifications necessary to fit the new parts.

This Merckx is one of the nicer examples of their work. The frame is Columbus SL, and carries a flat fork crown and an unusual chrome treatment on the forks. It has been completed with a 2008 SRAM Force group and a set of Easton EA90 SLX wheels, and parts from Chris King, Thomson, Deda, Selle Italia and Continental (I would replace that rear skewer though; it's not meant for use with horizontal dropouts).

Merckx's steel frames have an uncanny mix of stability and quickness that makes them a joy to ride. With these parts, I'll bet the experience is even better.

The cost of the components adds up to close to the asking price for the bike. Factor in the cost of the refinish, and you're getting the frame for free.

Most people looking to spend $2,500 on a new bike will skip past a bike like this on their way to the local Trek or Specialized dealer, but that's their loss. Compared to what else is available in the market at this price point, the Merckx stands out as an elegant classic, modern and unapologetic.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cool Vintage Rema Tip Top Patch Kit Box from eBay France

Not Sold as part of a lot: $10.78, shipping unspecified.

Another cool metal box, this one makes me want to listen to Kraftwerk.

Still made today, but sold in less inspirational plastic boxes. says:

Rema Tip-Top patches have been around forever. I have tried other patch kits from time to time but I keep coming back to Tip-Top because they are the ones that I can get to stick, reliably, every time.

I agree. These work so well I've never felt the need to try anything else.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Selle San Marco to Reissue Concor, Rolls and Regal Saddles

Expected availability is early 2009.

The Selle San Marco Vintage Blog is here.

Via milanofixed.

Price Porn: Rare Vintage MAFAC "TOP 63" brakeset

Sold: $476.55 including shipping

My Snipe: n/a

The brakeset is used, but in excellent working condition. Brakeset has sat on a shelf since the seventies. There is some surface rust on some of the steel pieces. This should clean up with naval jelly or equivalent. There is also some oxidization on aluminium. This oxidization will clean up with Simchrome or equivalent.

The Mafac Top 63 are among the rarest and most sought-after vintage brakes.

Their most unusual feature is that the entire unit moves up and down on its centerbolt to adjust pad height; the ball sockets that hold the pad shafts do not allow vertical adjustment.

A archives search reveals that these have sold for $700 and higher in the past. These brakes use a unique straddle wire, missing here, a fact that might have lowered the final price.

More photographs and period advertisements for the Top 63 at Classic Rendezvous.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vintage NOS NIB Brampton Derailleur Chain 3 Speed

Sold: $35.50 including shipping

My Snipe: n/a


NOS 3 speed derailleur chain 12,7mm in metal box. chain has 56 links and 2 extra links included. last link has bolt to close chain. links are stamped brampton and vita.

I wonder if the buyer needed a chain, or just liked box it came in?

Seller alteschule51 has been listing the good stuff lately.

NOS 1976 Montreal track cycling Olympics Poster ART!

Buy It Now: $59.99 including shipping.

New old stock poster from the 1976 olympics held in Montreal.

The poster has never been mounted/has been stored in a tube covered by paper since 1976.

Beautiful piece of art when framed, poster is approx. 2ft. x 18"

I like that the seller held the poster down with Velox handlebar plugs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Simplex Super LJ and SJA Derailleurs

SLJ 6600 Rear Derailleur

SJA 102 Front Derailleur

Sold to one buyer for a combined total of about $288 including shipping.

The rear is yet another re-labeling of the Simplex 6600, also seen under the Edco Competition label here, and branded Gipiemme in another recent auction.

Although not NOS like the Spidel, it's notable that the Gipiemme variant sold for just $54.50.

So, is the Spidel version really worth $182 more than the Gipiemme? It's more likely the buyer was willing to go so high because he wanted the complete set of front and rear.

Not to nit pick, but at these prices, it's worth noting that this is not really a matched set. While the rear is top-of-the-line, the front SJA model is not. The Super LJ occupied that spot in the lineup.

Chris at Velo Orange blogged about the Super LJ family here, calling it the best derailleur ever made. Chris' blog is worth exploring further, if you haven't already.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vintage TA Evian Water Bottles

Sold: $131.93 including shipping

My Snipe: $75 (Bid Too Low)

Bottles just like these were used at the Tour de France in the early 1970s.

Jos Waber's huge collection of rare promotional water bottles can be seen here.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vintage Ideale Saddle Models 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

The Ideale 2000 series marked the company's entry into modern style leather-covered plastic saddles.

Produced from the late 1970s to the mid 1980s, these saddles were stock on top of the line Peugeots in the era. Bernard Thevenet won the Tour de France in 1977 with a model 2002 on his Peugeot PY10CP, a fact touted on the box and decals in these photos.

Ideale 2001 at

Ideale 2001 at Satorumas

Ideale 2002 from eBay: Sold at $52.77 including shipping
Here it is, Estate Sale fresh. An Ideale model 2002 Saddle. Pre-owned and I would consider it in decent condition. Saddle decals are all in place. Saddle does show some road rash and would look good on your vintage road bike that you are actually going to ride.

Ideale 2003 from eBay: Sold at $41.76 including shipping
Vintage lightweight saddle.Made in France by Ideale this is the Model 2003 (Peau + Mousse). B. Thévenet with Titanium rail! Saddle looks very good apart from a small scuff on the right hand side.

Same saddle, underside. Yellow decal points out that the rails are titanium. The round red, white and blue sticker refers to the STC, or Series Tri-Colore Course. This was a marketing group of French component makers, akin to Spidel, but the brands maintained their own company names on the products.

Ideale 2003 from eBay: Sold at $186.50 including shipping
NOS NIB Ideale 2003 saddle with titanium rails from the 1970s - this is an exceptionally rare saddle. No reserve.

Ideale 2004 offered on CR List, October 2008 at $91 including shipping.

The final photo, found here, is a page from the 1981 Ron Kitching catalog, showing how the models break down:

  • 2000: No padding, no leather cover
  • 2001: No padding between shell and leather cover
  • 2002: Padded version of 2001
  • 2003: Deluxe version of 2002 with chrome or titanium rails
  • 2004: Extra padded version, the "Randonneuse" model

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1974 Masi Prestige Cronometro Campagnolo Mint condition 100 points concours

Not Sold: $4,772.93 (Reserve Not Met)

My Snipe: n/a

1974 Masi Prestige Cronometro. Milan 1974. 54cm c-c.

Reportedly one of only four made, this cycle was presented at the 1974 Milan Show. Built in partnership with Faliero Masi, Alberto Masi revived the milled and reinforced chainstay design that Faliero used in the 60's on time trial cycles. This cycle is fitted with a complete Masi-modified, Campagnolo Super Record component group, including custom-milled hubs, brake capliers, brake levers, and shifters. Well preserved example of this rare cycle, with original paint, finish, decals. Former scratches on the chainstay (from chain lash) and a small scratch on the downtube has been expertly restored to original and is invisible. There are no scratches, chips, dents or any flaws on this 100 points concours show bike. Original decals are prefect.

Specifications: 54 cm c-c. 126mm rear spacing.


Crankset : Campagnolo Super Record with milled chainrings and double-milled crank arms

Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Super Record

Pedals: Campagnolo Superleggera, Christophe clips, Binda straps (Modified with hole pattern)

Headset: Campagnolo Super Record

Wheels: Campagnolo 32/32 Super Record hubs, custom milled by Masi. Martano Corsa rims, DT 15/17 DB spokes

Tires: Clement Criterium Seta

Freewheel: Gippiemme Cronometro 13/21 6-sp

Chain: Regina SL

Handlebar/Stem: 3ttt Masi engraved bars/pantographed stem

Brakes: Campagnolo Record with milled calipers, engraved/milled levers (MASI logo)

Seatpost: Campagnolo Super Record milled with MASI logo

Saddle: Cinelli Unicanitor type Tour de France- black buffalo suede with elaborate stitched pattern on top of hide

Additional pictures can be found here.


Now relisted.


Welcome hkfixed readers! Have a look around.


Update: Reserve Not Met at $4,622.78 including shipping.